Chicken with Greek herb sauce (#4)

Not the most complicated of recipes, but it was a lovely light lunch for one. And there’s loads of herb sauce which’ll last me for as long as the yogurt doesn’t go off. As innocuous as anything yogurt based might sound, it’s got a kick to it. Don’t think it’ll be wishy washy. The herbs…

Thick Chocolate Mousse (#3)

Want to indulge? If treating yourself does not include consuming a large amount of chocolate and cream then I’m not sure you’re doing it right. In this case, if you want to kick back with a mass of thick chocolate mousse this is the recipe for you. Sadly, I was hoping for a light chocolate mousse. Something…

Malaysian red-cooked chicken with rice (#2)

After delaying until the 10th to start this journey, I’ve used the 11th to catch up and cook my second brand new dish of the new year. This is a really interesting dry-ish curry, again from Simply Nigella. I was prevented from cooking it yesterday due to the depleted stocks of lemongrass in Clerkenwell Waitrose (‘outrageous!’, I hear your…

My recipe style

As I go through the year and make myself all this food, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t post the recipes.

Chicken and leek pasta bake (#1)

Nigella is my joy. Posh boy goes in for successful older woman with nice houses in West London and an aura of fragile infallibility – I know, cliche. But her cooking is wholesome, attractive, not too difficult and, above all, filling. So she is directing the first few weeks of this culinary journey of mine….

My New Year’s resolution

My New Year’s resolution seemed obvious. Cook at least one new dish every week of 2017. Then someone reminded me that this means 52 new dishes. ‘Oh, bugger’.