White chocolate cheesecake (#58)

It’s time to say hello to a cheesecake that is guaranteed to win over any white chocolate skeptic. Although I do wonder. Who are these people?! I do quite understand that it’s more of an acquired taste, with most people in love with the soft but sweet flavours from milk chocolate. But the sheer luxury of white chocolate makes loving it, if only a small amount of it, irresistible.

I’m still working my way through Nigella’s At My Table. It really is such a joy to flick through. I love watching the TV series but I usually just watch it and want to immediately run over to the book to try it. This is one of those recipes I ran to.

Other than the fact I get to buy Green & Black’s white chocolate for this, the base is also something to brag about. I’ve become very familiar with oreos or diegstives for the base. Too familiar. Thinking about it, nothing would really work quite as well as the gingernut biscuit base. Inspired.

Good things: indulgent and enjoyable.

Bad things: a surprising amount of washing up is required.

Ingredients & requirements: 

  • 200g white cooking chocolate (I used Green & Blacks, unbeatable).
  • 300g full-fat cream cheese (at room temperature)
  • 300ml double cream
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 190g gingernut biscuits
  • 55g unsalted butter
  • 20cm spirngform cake tin

Preparation & cooking

  1. Preparation:
    1. You’ll probably need around 4 large bowls for this, at least one needs to be heatproof. (You can do 3 if you wash the gingernut bowl out and re-use).
    2. I’d lightly spray the 20cm spirngform tin with sunflower oil.
  2. Put a heatproof bowl over a small amount of water in a saucepan and turn on a low heat. Add the 200g roughly chopped white chocolate and let it melt, every so often giving it a stir. Then lit it sit aside for 10 minutes so it comes back too room temperature.
  3. Prepare the base:
    1. While waiting, get on with the base. Slowly crush the 190g of gingernut biscuits in in a bag with a rolling pin (which you might need to do in two batches depending on the size of the bag). Empty into one of the large mixing bowls.
    2. Then melt 55g of unsalted butter in a small saucepan, and then empty over the gingernut crumbs and stir in until mixed well.
    3. Then press the biscuit mixture into the 20cm springform cake tin. Leave in the fridge to set.
  4. Once the chocolate is nearing room temperature, let’s turn to the filling. First, in a clean large mixing bowl (as mentioned, you can re-use the the biscuit bowl if you clean it), soften the 300g cream cheese by beating it with a wooden spoon for a minute.
  5. Gently fold in the 200g of melted white chocolate.
  6. In your final large bowl, empty the 300ml of double cream and softly whip until it’s started to thicken but the peaks don;t hold their shape. Then, in two batches, fold the cream into the cream cheese-chocolate mixture.
  7. Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mixture and fold these in.
  8. Add to the tin with the biscuits in, cover  with clingfilm and leave to set in the fridge overnight.
  9. When you are ready to serve, leave it out of the fridge for 10 mins, and then add maybe go round the edge with a knife briefly, before unveiling the cheesecake in all it’s glory!


What do you expect me to say other than ‘how great is this’? Just look a the texture in the photo below.

The biggest downside to this recipe is the surprising amount of cleaning up you need to do. Two saucepans, four mixing bowls, and then the tin itself. However, it’s worth it. One thing I do love about a good cheesecake recipe is that i




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