Eggs benedict with hollandaise (#30)

Number 30. My gosh, what a journey. Aside from the fact I should be on number 43 if I wanted to be on track for 52 new recipes in 2017 (I still have time, so everyone chill), I saved this one for number thirty because it’s actually been on my list for much longer than 10 months.

Eggs Benedict has always been one of my faves when going out for brunch. First I was put off by the poached eggs, and then I was put off by having to make my own hollandaise sauce. These fears held me back, but no longer. In fact, this recipe comes courtesy of two chefs. The Hairy Bikers for giving me the confidence with Recipe #23 to know how to poach eggs, and for Jamie Oliver to keep me on the straight and narrow for making the hollandaise.

Good things: how could this not be one of your favourite dishes?

Bad things: I get that you might not want to confront your cooking fears, but please do for this one!

Ingredients & requirements: A breakfast for one (unless you only want one egg… in which case you need to get a bigger appetite).

  • 2 eggs
  • 4 slices of prosciutto ham
  • 1 English muffin (halved)
  • Teaspoon of White wine vinegar
    For the hollondaise
  • 125g of butter
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Teaspoon of White wine vinegar
  • lemon (juice of)
  • salt & pepper

Preparation & cooking

  1. Preparation:
    1. Get three saucepans out. One with an inch of water in and get it to a simmer (we’ll need this for the hollandaise). The second one fill higher (this is for the poached eggs). The third will just be for melting the butter.
    2. Halve an English toasting muffin and just leave them in the toaster, ready for when you need it.
  2. Make the hollandaise:
    1. Put the 125g of butter in the empty saucepan and put on a low-ish heat so it can slowly melt.
    2. In the meantime, separate the egg (discard the white), and add the yolk to a heatproof mixing bowl. Add the teaspoon of white wine vinegar.
    3. Put the mixing bowl over the saucepan with an inch of simmering water and whisk the egg and vinegar together until it slightly changes colour and increases in volume.
    4. Then very slowly whisk in the the melted butter. Basically add a small dash, whisk it in thoroughly, and another small dash, etc, and keep going. This stage is not rush-able… I did once and I ended up with lumps of butter in egg.
    5. Season with some salt and pepper and add the juice of a lemon. Set aside.
  3. Poach the egg
    1. Put the toaster on with the muffin halves in.
    2. Add a teaspoon of white whine vinegar to the fuller saucepan of simmering water.
    3. Add the 2 eggs (unbroken) to the saucepan for 30 secs max. Then remove with a slotted spoon, let it cool a tad before cracking them back in. Cook for another 2 mins / 2 mins 30 secs. Note: do not do this unless the water is simmering! I also did this in quite a wide pan to stop them from merging.
    4. While they’re cooking, put the muffins on the serving plate, and fold 2 layers of prosciutto on each.
    5. Once finished, remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and put them in some kitchen towel to dry. Then put on top of the prosciutto.
  4. Give the hollandaise a very brief whisk and then pour over the eggs. Serve immediately.


As I say, I absolutely love Eggs Benedict. If you’re not too hungover on a weekend morning (like I always am) then please do go and give this one a try.

I would like to say that I have just seen the first episode of Nigella’s At My Table, and I’ve just seen a really interesting way of poaching an egg that I want to try, so watch this space. However, for the moment, I think cooking the egg for 30 seconds to get it to set slightly before adding to the water sounds like a good shout.

I’m also glad I went with the Jamie Oliver Youtube video rather than the Hairy Biker’s book suggestion, only because it involved some faff with a bay leaf, and I just couldn’t be asked. But if you’re feeling adventurous do go and give it a try.


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