My New Year’s resolution

I love cooking. It’s pleasing, engaging, a vehicle for self-improvement. A chore with rewards.

Almost everyday I take some time to cook for myself, from 20 minutes to an hour. Everyday I’m not ‘out’ at least, which means Fridays and Saturdays are often a no show in the kitchen. But, five months after moving out of the family home and finding the need to eat everyday undiminished, I’ve begun to fall back onto probably half a dozen recipes that I repeat ad nauseum.

Yes, I complain about chicken, chorizo and pepper risotto being a boringly simple meal to make. Yes, that makes me sound like one of the most annoying people on the planet. But it’s true. I think I’ve found 4 or 5 dishes which require all of those three ingredients, and they are cooked in rotation. It means each week doesn’t look any different from the next.

My New Year’s resolution seemed obvious. Cook at least one new dish every week of 2017. ‘Great’, I said. ‘Easy’, I thought. ‘I’ll walk this’. Then someone with basic life knowledge and a quick tongue reminded me that this means 52 new dishes. ‘Oh, bugger’.

Undeterred, I have resolved to go ahead and you are invited to join me on my journey, as I eat my way through 52 new dishes over the course of 2017.

Many of the posts will be main courses, but desserts will appear from time to time. Weekends might be good for experimenting with a side dish or small plate, you never know. If it goes exceptionally well, why should I stop at number fifty two? Dish number one has already been cooked up, written up and eaten up. I can’t wait to continue.

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